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Amiga gaming news! "Games galore" is a series of articles covering Amiga game releases, announcements, updates, demos. What was initially intended as a snapshot of the 2019 Amiga gaming situation ended up as a loose, but ongoing series of articles - simply because there's so much material to cover.


Games galore #15: Luca Carminati games pack, Mutation Gold Compilation & Cyberpunks 2, Looty v2, Blask
Bonus: Archon and Archon 2: Adept full version


Games galore #14: Jab Jum, Jump Besi Jump, Duckstroma, Super Pumpkin Bros
bonus: Mini Metal Slug mockup

Games galore #13: Tristam Island, Vegetables Deluxe, Teserae, Wiz - Quest for the Magic Lantern
bonus: Epic Skidmarks web browser game

Games galore #12: Atarenium Falcon, New Bubble Story, Magica, Super Sprint AGA
bonus: Dawn Patrol full version

Games galore #11: Chicken Coop, Monkey Lad, Dodgy Rocks, The Shadows of Sergoth

Games galore #10: BlitzWays, Ftype, AstroBlox Revisited, Hansel and Gretel, Tiny Bobble, Green Thang


Games galore #9: Dread (update), Super Wormy, Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons, Dragon Slayer

bonus: Project horizon demo

Games galore #8: Lala Prologue, Hydra Castle Labyrinth, Aztec Challenge CD32, Tiny Invaders & Tiny Galaga, Amigo the Fox

bonus: Boss machine new preview

Games galore #7: EON, Super Metal Hero, Bagman, Legacy, Tapper, Verge World Icarus Rising

bonus: Invviya update

Games galore #6: DaemonClaw, AmiSaber, Rotator, Project Horizon, Boss Machine!

Games galore #5: R.E.R.O., Stalker, Dread, and the return of Mutation Software!
bonus: "Bonus Stage #75" (Super Hang-On)

Games galore #4: Jump!, Tiny Little Slug, Raid Over Moscow, Metro Siege, Recoil

Games galore #3: Playable, finished, re
leased, re-released, and awarded!
Invviya update, Scourge of the Underkind work-in-progress, Gold Rush re-release, Rygar AGA, Black Dawn Rebirth, Trap Runner "Black Strawberry Cake", bonus: ZGloom Linux/Windows


Games galore #2: Bullet hell! RESHOOT PROXIMA III, Hyperborea, and Inviyya previews

Games galore: Reshoot R, Rygar, BioJet, Pong 4K, AirTaxi - and Trap Runner sourcecode

bonus: Cuba 1898

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