AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

VoxelNoid "taborized" - AmigaOS4 breakout game

A pretty spectacular Breakout type of game for AmigaOS4.

On the occasion of a nearing release of the A1222 Tabor mainboard, Daytona675x (of "Souverän Soccer" fame) is reworking some his creations, among which is "VoxelNoid". It's a wild variation of the classic Breakout idea, complete with 3D, flamethrower, and pumping music. Being a next-gen-Amiga game, the visual quality and number of objects moving on screen exceeds pretty much anything seen on classic Amigas. "VoxelNoid" has a lot of action, but it is done with simplicity and a tad of elegance. Great stuff!

Here's a video from the author's YouTube channel Dän Bänän (2023-08-04):