AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Amiga quiz on

Popular german IT news site Heise has created an Amiga quiz for everyone to test his/her knowledge about our platform.

If you've spent some time with your Amiga, the questions should be pretty easy to answer correctly, probably even if you don't speak german.

But it's a good opportunity to refresh your memory - and to show the world we're still here!

I just scored 290 points - can you beat my result? :-)

Monday, April 9, 2018

Amiga 4000 mainboard goes opensource!

Amiga 4000 mainboards are becoming rare these days, and are difficult to repair. But there's hope in sight. A lot of hope. In fact so much hope that you can almost grab a new one! Yes, we can make this happen!

Paul Rezendes from California, USA, has started a funding campaign to have PCB data files professionally recreated from an Amiga 4000 mainboard, and publish these under open-source license.

(This does not include any boards actually being produced - it's only about the data files required to do so.)

Now let's think about this for a second. First thing that comes to mind is that some hardcore Amigans will produce a few new mainboard from the data files, for repairs, or maybe build an A4000. But the really exciting stuff starts when people start modifying the PCB. Just imagine the possibilities... PCI onboard, a new low-cost CPU card connector, streamlined design getting rid of old/unused components, scandoubler onboard, (Mini)ATX formfactor, ...this has the potential to become a quantum-leap forward in Amiga hardware development like the Vampire boards are!

Here's Paul's GoFundMe campaign page:

Note that GoFundMe does not accept PayPal - if you want to donate using PayPal, the guys from Amiga On The Lake are watching this campaign, too, and are happy to receive your donation and forward it to Paul Rezendes' GoFundMe account!

Now head over to GoFundMe or Amiga On The Lake, and make your donation!
We're almost there! Yes, we CAN make this happen!