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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Games galore #15: Luca Carminati games pack, Mutation Gold Compilation & Cyberpunks 2, Looty v2, Blask

In this issue we take a look at a very mixed set of titles: two compilations of arcade games, a little bit of a top-view shooter, a platformer, a first person shooter, and as a bonus the full free release of a strategy classic.

Amiga games pack by LC-Games

Luca "LC-Games" Carminati has released a set of games he has developed between 1995 and 1998 as an "Amiga games pack" - for free. Cool!

The games are: Croins (an Asteroids clone), Hyper Viper, Kangy, Marietto, and arcade sports game Slalom Speciale.

Hyper Viper, snake type game in a maze

Some of the games have previously been released as shareware titles. Now you can download the ADFs from LC-Games' page, and enjoy all full versions.

Kangy, a platformer

Arcade gaming with neat graphics and sound, and you get the full package, check this out: "Croins" is a well made Asteroids clone with pounding techno music on the title screen, "Hyper Viper" a snake-type game with a funny looking green worm and less pounding but equally enjoyable music, "Kangy" a platformer with cute looking animals and palm trees, "Marietto" is quite a unique blend of several classic game styles and can get pretty hectic, and finally "Slalom Speciale" is an unobtrusive skiing game.

Marietto - Pang meets Galaga meets Fury of the Furries

All included games are decent titles, no technical spectacle here, but pretty straightforward, and very Amiga-ish, arcade gaming. Very nice - Molto grazie, Luca!

Read more, and download "Amiga games pack" from LC-Games' website page:

Additional sources:


Mutation Gold Compilation & Cyberpunks 2

Support for the Amiga CD32 is always rare, and very much appreciated. Mutation Software has re-released it's "Mutation Gold Compilation" for Amiga CD32, a collection of five games. All games have received some fixes and updates, including adaptions to CD32 joypad.

The individual games are: Doodlebug, Cyberpunks, Tin Toy, Tommy Gun and Castle Kingdoms.

Doodlebug, included in the "Mutation Gold Compilation"

The current (minimum) price for the "Gold Compilation" is $13.49 - but note that for just a few bucks more you can make a bargain and buy the "CD32 Games Bundle" which includes the "Gold Compilation" plus "Wiz - Quest for the Magic Lantern" (CD32 version).

Go to Mutation Software's "Gold Compilation" website page for more information and purchase:

Mutation Software has also announced a new game: "Cyberpunks 2" for AGA Amigas, a sequel to top down shooter "Cyberpunks" from 1993 (for OCS/ECS Amigas). "Cyberpunks 2" is said to be for 1 or 2 players, have new levels and new gameplay, and a tentative release date in late 2021.

1993 game "Cyberpunks", sequel announced

Read more about Mutation Software's releases at:

Additional sources: ("Gold Compilation" original 1998 release)


Looty v2

"Looty v2" for all Amigas with 1MB ChipRAM is an updated version of 1993 public domain title "Looty", inspired by ZX Spectrum game "Booty".

It certainly still requires a little bit of polish, but it's quite fast paced, plays smoothly, and: it has a level editor! A platformer with a level editor - that sounds like hours and hours of creating challenging courses. The author has expressed interest in improving the game further, and he'd like a graphics artist to join in. Maybe this is your chance?

Here you can watch a video of "Looty v2" (2020-11-19):

Read more, and purchase (you can name your own price!) the game at:

Additional sources:

Blask, early first person shooter demo

Doom never stops. After "Dread" here's another 2020 low-spec Amiga first person shooter, called "Blask". Actually this project seems to have been around for quite a while, mostly under the name of "Alien Enemy: Dangerous", with occasional tech demos popping up - this one is the latest.

Not too much to show here, but this already looks quite enjoyable. Written in AMOS, it has what appears to be pretty smooth 3D graphics, proper graphics and color palette, and this simple, but quite convincing light source effect.

Certainly a welcome addition to the set of first-person shooters available for the Amiga, make sure you stay up to date on this one.

You can watch the latest tech demo of "Blask" on YouTube (2020-11-09):

You can download the demo here:,7450164853.adf

Additional sources:

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...and again some bonus gaming news:

Archon and Archon 2 full versions for free

In November 2020 printmag "Amiga Future" continued their efforts of releasing full Amiga software titles for free with the addition of two highly regarded classics: "action-chess"-type games "Archon" and "Archon 2"!

"Archon" from 1985 (Amiga release)

"Archon" (Greek for "ruler") by Electronic Arts was first released for Atari 8-bit computers in 1983, received rave reviews, and was ported to many other platforms, including Amiga. It's a fast-paced mixture of chess-type strategy, and realtime combat action sequences deciding the outcome of individual attacks.

"Archon" combat section
"Archon 2: Adept" from 1984 was the first sequel, released for Amiga in 1988. In later years, more sequels would follow: "Archon Ultra" for MS-DOS in 1994, "Archon: Evolution" around 2007 using some of the original 8-bit code, "Archon" remakes for mobile devices, "Archon Classic" in 2010 available on Steam, and there seems to be another new version in development since 2017.

"Archon 2: Adept" from 1988 (Amiga release)

The games' disk files are available in ADF, IPF (Archon and Archon 2) and WHD (Archon 2 only) format, plus a manual in PDF.

Go to Amiga Future magazine's website to download "Archon" and "Archon 2":

Additional sources:

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for "Games galore #16"!

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