AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Games galore #2: Bullet hell! RESHOOT PROXIMA III, Hyperborea, and Inviyya previews

Another round of looking at 2019's Amiga game development scene.


Richard "Spieleschreiber" Loewenstein and crew are blowing people's minds with outstanding shoot-em-up games, and the excitement never stops. PROXIMA III is the next episode in Richard's RESHOOT games series, and it's going to be another awesome one. He's released a couple of so-called "Devleaks" videos so far, giving a rough idea of what the end result might look and feel like. Again, as with RESHOOT and RESHOOT R, this will make your eyebrows raise. How PlayStation can you go on Amiga? Be amazed.

Here's Richard "Spieleschreiber" Loewenstein's latest RESHOOT PROXIMA III Devleaks video ("Xmas Update" 2019-12-22):

Now this is pretty impressive...!

But... might there be even more to it? In this next video, an earlier "Devleaks" clip, you can see that the game is running in "Amiga 1200 (Blizzard 1260)" emulation, using FS-UAE. Wait a second - are we going full 68060 here? Does this mean this game will go even further and compete with Vampire-levels of performance? With the presumed releases of TF1260 and WARP1260 ahead... is this going to be the killer application that will lead the Amiga into it's next m68k-generation?

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Hyperborea making progress

"Amiga DreamTeam" is working on "Hyperborea", promising the "world's first real Amiga 1200 Danmaku bullet hell classic vertically scrolling shmup game". Not so much is known about the planned game mechanics or level design, and there's no music or effects yet, but, wow, this is a lot of stuff moving around the screen! This very much looks like it's gonna be another envelope-pushing game, with, for example, fast, colorful graphics by using a cleverly designed engine allowing for lots of in-game colors on a low-color screen.

Check out "Hyperborea" latest work-in-progress video below, showing a little bit of menu-action, and a lot of bullets and stuff (2019-10-09):

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Inviyya under development

Inviyya is a horizontal R-Type-type shooter for Amiga 500 (OCS) with 1MB RAM.

Doesn't that alone sound awesome?

A demo has been released over a year ago, but it looks like this classic-style action game is still under heavy development. The latest preview videos (on the game's facebook page, see links below) look increasingly polished, playability seems to be getting tweaked to perfection, and so on. And it has a damn catchy music track.

Here's the latest Inviyya video on YouTube (2019-11-02):

Bleeding-edge updates and previews can be found on Inviyya's facebook page:

Support the author with a coffee or some beer at:

If you want to go really in-depth, you can also follow the Inviyya - Development Thread (Space Shooter) thread or the Inviyya - OCS Shoot Em Up thread on English Amiga Board.

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Thanks for reading!

This was just a round of shoot-em-ups, but more great Amiga games were under development, or have been released in 2019, such titles as: Rygar AGA, Scourge of the Underkind, and Jump! - "Games galore #3", coming soon!

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UPDATE 2020-01-04: 
The video for Hyperborea wrongly showed "Hyperborea wip #8" ( This has been corrected to the current one: "Hyperborea wip #%10101" (

UPDATE 2020-03-08: 
"Games galore" has turned into a whole series of articles:

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