AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Friday, February 28, 2020

Games galore #3: Playable, finished, released, re-released, and awarded!

We're stretching 2019 into 2020, trying to keep up with current Amiga game developments. Lots of great stuff going on, and lots of actual releases.

Invyya playable demo

Horizontal SHMUP Inviyya is nearing completion - since we last reported about it, a playable demo has been released. There are still a few glitches, but it looks like this is gonna be a fun classic-style shooter.
See link below to download the demo for your OCS Amiga. Here's a video for the impatient:  

"Amiga - Inviyya - FULL DEMO (2020)" video (2020-02-03)

Go here to download the demo (ADF):

As always, support the author with some coffee:

Scourge of the Underkind - alive!

It's been quite a while since we last heard of "Scourge of the Underkind", a game many are eagerly awaiting, but now we have proof the project's not cancelled: a new teaser video has been released, along with some words from author Wayne Ashworth via the game's facebook page.

Judging from the video, the game looks increasingly good, with beautiful pixel art, some neat visual effects, and smooth movement, promising a highly entertaining experience for fans of Alien Breed, Gods, and The Chaos Engine. 

Scourge of the Underkind "Village teaser HD (W.I.P)" video (2020-02-17):

For latest news keep an eye on the game's facebook page:

Gold Rush (1989) re-release 

"Gold Rush", a game originally released in 1989 for Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari ST, and other platforms, got re-released for the Amiga with a beautiful boxed special edition in October 2019. Included in the box are a set of floppy discs, extra printed color labels, ADF files on CD, a large printed map, a certificate, and much more!!%20(Amiga)/thumbs/081019-Image2.jpg
The game runs on OCS Amigas with 512KB RAM, Kickstart 1.2 and up. The re-release also contains the 2014 remake "Gold Rush! Anniversary" for Windows PCs on DVD! Yikes!!%20(Amiga)/thumbs/081019-Image3.jpg
Go to Sunlight Games' online shop to buy your copy of "Gold Rush":

Additional sources:!

Rygar AGA finished - and awarded!

Graeme Cowie's "Rygar AGA" is not only finished, it also got awarded the Amiga Gamers’ Choice Award 2019 for being the "most popular new Amiga game for 2019" by Retro Gamer Nation (RGN) on Feb. 01, 2020 - congratulations!
Rygar, the 1986 Tecmo arcade game, hasn't been available for the Amiga until now. "Rygar AGA" contains the 30 original levels, plus some small additions.

Click here to go to "Rygar AGA" download page:

You can visit the game's facebook page for more news and info:

For in-depth information you might want to follow the "Rygar Dev Diary" at the EAB:

Additional sources:

Black Dawn Rebirth

Also ranking high on RGN's Amiga Gamers’ Choice Award 2019, is "Black Dawn Rebirth" by Double Sided Games. "Black Dawn Rebirth" is a sci-fi styled dungeon crawler game that requires an Amiga with at least 1.5MB of RAM, of which 1MB must be ChipRAM. It has an animated intro sequence, lots of levels, enemies, and weapons, runs in 64 colors, and has an optional 3D motion effect which can be enabled on faster Amigas.
Released in December 2019, this game has already been talked about a lot, and got a lot of positive reviews. Stylish graphics, moody soundtrack, and science-fiction storyline, it successfully creates an alien-ish atmosphere. The added 3D-motion effect gives it an almost-first-person-shooter feel.
You can buy "Black Dawn Rebirth" from Double Sided Games' online shop:

Additional sources:

Trap Runner Bonus "Black Strawberry Cake"

Jump-and-run game "Trap Runner", originally released in 2018 and reported about in one of our previous articles, got an updated sequel by the name of "Black Strawberry Cake".
The sequel features a new intro and outro, two new worlds with final boss fights, 10 new songs plus sound effects, and even new game elements: now you can push boxes and jump on a trampoline! Just like "Trap Runner", this is a super cute game, and the authors have not just released the source code of "Black Strawberry Cake" and its predecessor, but also put screenshots, concept art, graphics tilesets, and more on their website! Very, very nice work.
Read more about "Black Strawberry Cake", and download the game at:

It's free, as is the original "Trap Runner".

If you want to support the author, and get some nice collectible, you can buy a physical boxed edition of "Trap Runner" from APC&TCP online shop:

Additional sources:

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Those were some more of 2019's (and 2020's) game developments, in fact we haven't even caught up yet - but we're not even finished with you for now, as we have some...

...Bonus gaming news:

ZGloom: Gloom for Windows and Linux

"Gloom" is a well known first person shooter game on the Amiga, and now it looks it might be conquering new platforms: a C++/SDL2 based reimplementation of the game is under development, currently (2020-02-28) at version 0.1.0, which according to the author's comments has "...still many things missing..." but " can play everything I've thrown at it." That sounds awesome. Ports to Windows and Linux are included - but this screams for an AROS port. Anyone?
"ZGloom"'s GitHub project homepage is located at:

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Thanks for reading!

UPDATE 2020-03-08: 
"Games galore" has turned into a whole series of articles: