AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Friday, June 15, 2018

"Worthy" - new game for all Amigas

Good news for OCS Amiga gamers, there's some fine looking new game out to satisfy your addictions.

Alex Brown with Simone Bernacchia and John Tsakiris just announced the availability of their new action puzzler "Worthy" via facebook.

According to Alex's post on facebook, "Worthy" is a new game, that runs in 320x256 / 32 colors / 50fps on any PAL Amiga with 1MB RAM. It has smart enemies that interact with lots of different game level elements in complex ways.

Cute, nicely animated comic style graphics, funky music, retro arcade sound effects, and as with any good game it's about collecting diamonds to win a girl's heart, encountering numerous enemies and obstacles along the way. Who can resist that?

What sounds good on paper also looks good on video, you can watch a release trailer on YouTube:

Find more information about "Worthy" on the publisher's homepage, and on their facebook page:

To purchase "Worthy" head over to and grab your copy - now!

And for game developers Alex Brown has shared his GitHub page, on which he hosts some of his older projects for you to study:


Monday, June 11, 2018

Another success story: New cases for Amiga 500!

Philippe Lang and A1200NET, who already created new Amiga 1200 cases and keycaps are going to create professional molds for new compatible Amiga 500 cases.

It's another amazing success story from the self organizing, crowd-funding Amiga-scene: According to the Indiegogo project page, as of today $186,734 USD have been raised, and the project was 112% funded on May 31, 2018!

These new cases feature a number of improvements over the original ones, apart from being brand-new:

- screwholes with metal threads
- immune to UV-light
- prepared to house a Vampire 500 V2 or Raspberry Pi 3 mainboard
- or of course an original Amiga 500 mainboard
- Vampire ports extender, allows routing of internal LAN / USB / HDMI / SDcard connections to proper outlets (e.g. disk drive opening)
- different colors available: white, black, light blue, orange, and more
- signatures by Amiga celebrities like Dave Haynie and David Pleasance, among others
- metal case badge, floppy buttons, rubber feet, and trapdoor covers included

The whole thing seems to be well on it's way, and mass production of cases is planned towards the end of 2018, to be shipped in April 2019.

Of course if you want to support the project you still can, there are numerous packages available for you to claim - from "Unique Solo" - one case - to "Quad damage" - four cases - or silver and gold metal coated editions, or a beautiful "Scourge Of The Underkind" collector's edition.

Oh, and there's even more: if the project reaches it's "stretch goal" of $189,000USD, project backers will receive new Amiga "tank"-mouse cases, too!,w_695/v1520575661/cy6t8kk6e2hqsxx1vx2c.png


Friday, June 8, 2018

Sneak preview: Thrust is the way...

To be continued.

Amiga 4000 opensource mainboard: alive and well

Paul Rezendes' Amiga 4000 mainboard replica is moving along quite nicely. 

Paul Rezendes from California, USA, has started a funding campaign to have PCB data files recreated professionally from an Amiga 4000 mainboard, and publish these under open-source license. A couple of weeks ago the goal of 5000$ was reached, and meanwhile has even been exceeded.

A few days ago, Paul posted another update on his project page, now showing first screenshots of the actual PCB files that have been created. When done checking for errors, the files should probably be released to the public via the project's GitHub page around next week!

Amazing stuff - becoming reality.

Here's Paul's GoFundMe campaign page, see there for more information and latest updates - and you can still make a donation:

Note that GoFundMe does not accept PayPal - if you want to donate using PayPal, the guys from Amiga On The Lake are watching this campaign, too, and are happy to receive your donation and forward it to Paul Rezendes' GoFundMe account!

Thanks Paul, AmigaOnTheLake, and the rest of the bunch!