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AMIGA alive

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Games galore #26: Abu Simbel Profanation, Black Dawn Rogue / Technomage, Slayers of High Toro, Blade re-release, Pacman 500

Oops, it's been quite some time, catching up with 2021/2022 Amiga game developments: an old platformer got remade, "Black Dawn" got another sequel, a new turn-based strategy game was released, an iso-3D adventure game got re-released, and good old Pac Man makes another appearance.

Abu Simbel Profanation - The Full Adventure

Originally created in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum, and first released for the Amiga in 2001, the "Abu Simbel Profanation" recently got a facelift remake for AGA machines called "The Full Adventure".

It's a funny multi-screen arcade platformer with beautiful graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, and many different enemies and obstacles. Among the sound effects is a spine-chilling scream that you're gonna hear whenever you lose a live - which probably is quite often, as the difficulty level of the game is said to be hard as nails. Niiice!

The game requires an AGA Amiga with 2MB FastMEM and a 030 CPU.

Here's a gameplay video from YouTube channel Ransom (2021-09-28):

You can download the game from AmiNet:

Additional sources: (OCS/ECS game from 2001)


Black Dawn Rogue / Technomage

Black Dawn saga continues: In early 2021 the follow-up to "Black Dawn Rebirth" was announced, and by October we got a first teaser video, with a second one following closely in December, and the announcement of "Black Dawn Technomage" in January 2022. Well, everybody likes a good dungeon crawler game, and the latest "Black Dawn" sequel - quite like it's predecessors - very much looks like it's going to be just that.

Also it looks as if the authors would like to keep the aforementioned first teaser video private to famous retro-gaming news website "Indie Retro News", so we'll just provide you with a couple of links here:

You can also visit "Black Dawn" team on facebook:

Slayers of High Toro

By far the majority of Amiga games released these days are platform/jump-and-run games. For a welcome change, here's turn-based strategy game published by Bitmap Soft in May 2021.

It's a spiritual successor to Windows game "Slay" which dates back to 1995. "Slayers of High Toro" runs on any Amiga with at least 1MB RAM, and is available as a physical "Deluxe Collector's edition" with some nice extras for a great retro experience: 3.5 inch floppy in a glossy A5 box, color printed manual, badge, stickers, and a poster.

Here's a video from the author's YouTube channel  (2021-03-21):

Go to Bitmap Soft's website to purchase your copy of "Slayers of High Toro":

Additional sources:

Blade (1996) re-release

Great looking dungeon adventure game "Blade" by Mark Sheeky, first published in 1998 by Alive Mediasoft, was released for free around Sept. 2021.

"Blade" title screen as seen on

According to the author, it's his most ambitious Amiga game project, and the isometric game screens and cutscene graphics certainly look impressive. 

"Blade" in-game screen as seen on

With lots of levels, potions, scrolls, and spells, there's quite an amount of things to discover and explore for adventure gaming fans. "Blade" runs on pretty much any Amiga with at least 1MB of RAM, but might require harddisk installation.

"Blade" in-game screen as seen on

Go to the game's website for more information and download:

Additional sources:


Pacman 500

Of course you know Pacman, the legendary pill-eating yellow dude who's relentlessly being hunted by ghosts. "Pacman 500" is another release of Namco's 1980 classic, this time attempting to stay as close as possible to the original arcade machine. 

From what we can see it's quite successful at doing so - apart from minor changes due to different screen orientation (the arcade machine uses a 3:4 display, as opposed to the Amiga's 4:3 aspect) it indeed looks and sounds and feels just like the original! 

Another great arcade remake, "Pacman 500" runs on any Amiga with 512KB memory.

Here's a video from Jean-François Fabre's YouTube channel (2021-09-05):

Go to the game's website for more information and "name-your-own-price" download:

Additional sources:

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for "Games galore #27"!

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