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Our collection of links to Amiga-related websites.
Current number of entries: 529 (as of 2022-01-03)

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This collection started as a document "Amiga-related websites that are still alive" by Michael Bergmann in facebook-group "Amiga Software Development". Special thanks to Michael, and the group, for permission and collaboration. See end of document for latest changes. Links will open in new windows.

Programming / Development

(43 links)
    German BlitzBasic v3 resources (English content also available)
    Reference site covering a number of languages, particularly Blitz, AMOS and ASM
    Amiga OS3.5 Autodocs and RKRMs
    "Reverse engineering for the Commodore Amiga"
    Online Amiga font and sprite editor
    Home of StormWizard v2.3
    Collection of source code and programming books for Amiga
    Source to several Amiga ports of unix/bsd/other software, like OpenSSH...
    innoidea Amiga developer help site - API reference (MUI, CyberGFX, Picasso96, AmiSSL, AmigaOS3.9, AHI, BGUI, OpenGL, ...) (not linked from
    Home of "AMOS Professional AGA", AMOS programming language with AGA chipset support
    Amiga m68k assembler tutorial (French website)
    AxRT / AxRuntime, AmigaOS compatible API for Linux/Amiga application development
    Amiga C Source Repository, a website aiming at collecting C source and hints to Amiga-specific coding issues
    David McMinn's BlitzBasic site, and (link to) Bernd Roesch's AmiBlitz site ( ) (see also )
    ALBs blog - home of Freepascal for AmigaOS/MorphOS/AROS, online (Free)Pascal compiler for AmigaOS/MorphOS/AROS, and applications including Mapparium, EdiSyn, GPSTool
    "Exploring the Amiga" assembler programming articles, and more
    Home of "ECX" / E Compiler X
    "CanDo For Amiga Fans" - CanDo software development community support site with forum, downloads, etc.
    Homepage of Branko Collin, with some AMOS and AmigaE programming info
    Dr. Volker Barthelsmann’s Compiler Page - home of vbcc, and info about vasm and vlink (see also )
    Amiga Hardware Programming site, Amiga demo coding in assembly language
    Homepage of Chris Handley. Home of PortablE programming language, Amiga E programming info, and info about his software projects.
    “The Classic Amiga Developer Resource” - includes, autodocs, guru mediation error codes, and home of “SysInfo” system information utility (also via )
    "David McMinn's minimal homepage" - Amiga software utilities (Viewfonts2, Dir2HTML, MSD, Landscaper) and links. Also PureBasic and Windows utilities/projects.
    "BOOPSI information resource center"
    Hollywood cross-platform Multimedia Abstraction Layer -  programmig language for Amiga, Windows, and Linux (creates binaries for Amiga, AROS, iOS, Linux, MacOS, MorphOS, WarpOS, Windows)
    Home of JAmiga - Java virtual machine for AmigaOS4.
    Forth implementation specifically for the Amiga /
    Amiga file formats, Ultimate Virus Killer (with sourcecode), Paula music replay, and technical information, among others
    Chunky-to-planar conversion coding tutorial for Amiga
    "M2Amiga" Modula-2 Compiler, open-source since 2000, with sourcecode and manual
    “Public site for organizing and maintaining the development of the so-called Magic User Interface (MUI)”
    AmigaOS 4.1-related newsgroup
    Kai's AREXX scripts for YAM, iBrowse, AmIRC, and others
    Wouter Van Oortmerssen's Amiga E programming language
    Grzegorz Kraszewski's new homepage, with hardware and software developer information (see also )
    Website of TFA (Dutch based Amiga Group), home of ASM-One assembler programming software and
    Home of "RedPill, the Amiga game creator", game construction kit
    Software developer group - home of "Reality" 3D engine, "Thesius XII" shoot'em up game, "A.G.E." AGA graphics library for AMOS, "Vic Vision" C64 image converter, and has an interesting collection of AMOS and assembly source codes
    (currently offline, claims to be back soon 2018-03-01)
    Amiga assembler and hardware coding "...or how we did it in the old days..."
    Amiga system programming information, including commented AmigaOS 1.2 Exec disassembly, devices tutorial, and more. Also several software projects with sourcecode, including a homemade SCSI system.
    Unofficial SAS-C support site by Steve Krueger

      Documentation / Help / Wiki / Guide

      (12 links)
        "Unofficial Amiga Developer and User Documentation"
        Amiga support site - "an online resource aimed at individuals with little to no background knowledge"
        Amiga hardware and software manuals, and schematics
        Minimalist Amiga support site with tutorials
        Amiga University - huge collection of links and info about Amiga programming, networking, music, games, history, etc. pp., site mirrors, some on-site programming information, software support pages (WaveBeast, Bars&Pipes, 303TRACKER, ...), ... (many links outdated, latest update: 2006)
        Amiga knowledge exchange site
        Commodore Amiga section with magazines, books, advertisements, manuals, hardware info
        "Tygre@Chingu" website - mostly "Tygre's Amiga Wiki": programming (e.g. thttpd web server), links, gaming, hardware, Amiga models, etc. Hosted on Amiga 1200.
        Blog dedicated to the DraCo video editing computer. 
        "Jaruzel's Home of Retro and Other Curios." - small Amiga section with AmigaDOS command reference. Also Amiga collection, and Amiga 1200 case mod / rebuild.
        Retro Commodore computing website - includes Amiga sections, with Amiga models information, instructions, adverts, expansions, etc. (German website)
        AmigaOS4 documentation wiki by Hyperion Entertainment

          Software / AmigaOS / Tools / Files

          (91 links)

          "An unofficial website for Incentive Software's 3D Construction Kit" - includes Amiga version of, and Amiga games made with 3D Construction Kit

          Home of ADF Opus, manage ADF files on your Windows PC

            Home of AmiATLAS - “The multimedia routeplanner for Amiga”

            AfA - AROS for Amiga 

            Home of AmiBrixx (game), ArtBase (database GUI interface), ComicOn (comic strip viewer), LookingForXmas (game), and ModExplorer (MOD player with web backend) - all created with "Hollywood" programming language.

            "A boot disk creator for the Amiga"

            "Ami Sector One - your great source of legal Amiga downloads" (discontinued, mirror at )

            "Searchable database of Fish disk Amiga PD software" (no downloads)

            Amiga Libraries FTP - "find here all the latest Amiga Classics Libraries"

            Games, emulators, tools (german website)

            "Beautify your workbench" - Backdrops, themes, icons, ...

            Home of WormWars, AmiArcadia, MCE and other releases. Freeware, abandonware, documentation for Amiga (and other platforms)

            Side dedicated to AmigaOS 4 (French website)

            Home of AmigaOS 4 by Hyperion Entertainment

            "AmigaPd is dedicated to promoting past, current and future public domain games for the Commodore Amiga."

            Classic Amiga software repository

            "Complete pre-configured Amiga system"

            Software developers, home of “Amiga Racer” retro style racing game (Amiga, MorphOS, and other platforms). Also has an online store at

            Amiga Unix wiki

            "...pre-installed collection of almost 400 AmigaOS3.x apps..." for use with your emulated Amiga (via WinUAE)

   , and
            Alternative interface to AmiNet. (probably discontinued/down)

            Main Amiga file collection site.

            A-EON's "AmiSphere" user account management site, with product registration and system software downloads

            App store / download app

            AmiTrix Development Inc., Canada. AWeb, Amiga-Link, SCSI-TV (all discontinued/unsupported) (for AWeb see also

            Software developer, home of "Enemy 1" and "Enemy 2: Missing in Action" games

            The internet archive’s Amiga software library. Disk images for downloading, and ready-to-run in your webbrowser (via SAE - Scripted Amiga Emulator). 

            Homepage of SView5 (SuperView) author Dipl.-Ing. Andreas R. Kleinert

            Ralph Babel's Amiga archive - home of Amiga Guru Book, TekMagic 68060.library, GVP device drivers and utilities, and more.

            Home of “BareED - an ASCII and Thai (TIS-620) text editor”

            "Big Book of Amiga Hardware" (last update: 2009-03-22) (see )

            Home of "GoADF!" ADF file handling and exploration utility

            Home of AnimPlayer, GIMP IFF plugin, Amiberry, and Amigula

            Ralf Hoffmann's homepage, author of APCComm Amiga-PC (Linux) file/directory transfer software

            Andy Broad's Amiga Site - Blender, Perl, AWeb, and more software for AmigaOS4

            "BSzili's AmigaOS ports" for AmigaOS 3 & 4, MorphOS, and AROS, including Hexen, Odamex (Doom), Berusky, Speed Dreams, TORCS, and many more

            Home of CNet Amiga Pro BBS (bulletin board system) software

            Home of Cygnus Ed professional texteditor software.

            Home of "FrexxEd", configurable and programmable text editor by Daniel Stenberg and Kjell Ericson, developed from 1991 to 1997. Now free keyfile available.

            Bill Panagouleas' audio/video production company. LightWave / VideoToaster support pages, home of Open Video Toaster, ProMix tools, former home of Aladdin4D, and more

            "MacBurgher" game (with BlitzBasic source code), workbench analog clock, modplayer, paintprogram freeware applications, and "oscillator" hardware project for Classic Amiga (and other projects/programs for Windows)

            Home of EvenMore freeware textviewer and converter

            "IKE'S PROGRAMMING PAGE" - AmiTwitter, ActionGUI, EZcyberSpace, ports of xpdf, FreeType, SDL and Agar, gcc-and-MUI programming tutorial, Mediator TX / Radeon 9200 review, and many more files for Amiga m68k and MorphOS

            PD file archive (discontinued, "historical collection")

            Homepage of Guide Mersmann, author of BinToC, BoulderDäsh,
            EjectTool, Giggle Disk, Grunch, and more software for AmigaOS/MorphOS/... Also hardware information, Geit@home community event, and other mixed content.

            Haage & Partner Amiga software legacy website (WarpOS, StormC, ArtEffect, ...) - "In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC."

            Provider of AmigaOS 4.1 and NDK as well as AmigaOS 3.1 and games like Gorky 17, Descent: Freespace, Shogo and others.

            Home of IBrowse, webbrowser for AmigaOS and MorphOS

            Home of “Jabberwocky” Jabber client.

            Hooks/modules/scripts/utilities for ImageFX image processing software

            "Software made by jPV^RNO" - Applications, scripts, demoscene, networkbootdisk, ...

            Home of DiskMaster2 (DM2) freeware file manager / directory utility

            Home of InstallerNG, AmIDE and P96Speed (http downloads unavailable, ftp downloads require password)

            "Amiga Projects" - BoingBag 3 & 4, BetterWB, unofficial Picasso96 RTG system

            Lilya’s page of some archived utilities: AmiFTP, AmigaSSH, ftpd, ftpproxy, MegaList

            Marcus Comstedt's homepage, author of "qt" QuickTime player for Amiga, and "amiwm" X window manager for Linux

            Home of EdWord Professional shareware text editor, now free.

            Homepage of Matthias Rustler, author of AmiLua, Armada (game), ConfGUI, and other tools, and AROS developer. Site includes downloads, information, AmigaGuide quick reference, Amiga programming hints. (German website)

            MDR Interfaces Ltd. - AMIGA Software to control machinery using the MDR Control Interface protocol, and home of "INET_DIAL" integrated internet management system / home server for Amiga (with apache and geekgadgets)

            Home of AmigaPython programming language, TurboText text editor, BoingBag 3 (unofficial, for AmigaOS3.9), datatypes, zlib/bz2/expat libraries, and some OS3.9 development info

            Software for several platforms, including AmigaOS/MorphOS/AROS. Titles include AnimWebConverter, VAMP, Pintor Web, Eye Viewer, and more.

            Home of AmiZIP (Amiga parallel port Iomega ZIP interface) and AmyDMX ("Amiga Digital Multisample Player")

            Something like "the Aminet for OS 4.1" ;-)

            AmigaOS support homepage - information and updates for AmigaOS 3.1, 3.5 and 3.9

            Software for the Amiga computer (and derivates)

            “Enhancing the AmigaOS 4 experience” - open source software projects for AmigaOS 4

            Home of PageStream professional desktop publishing software

            Hakan Parting's homepage - AmiComSys, AMarquee, jAMarquee, VersionWB, GlossTask

            "Amiga Software by Paul Kienitz", some with source code

            Information and software for the PowerUP system (BlizzardPPC, CyberStormPPC) by phase5 digital products

            Home of Personal Paint graphics application

            Homepage of Stefan Robl, author of AmiDock, ArtecScan, AmiCamedia, FMDriver, OpusSMBHandler, and more software for Amiga, and hardware projects A500Flash, A500Zorro, among others

            Standardized Amiga Shareware Group - home of MUI, MagicWB, MagicCX, DFA

            "Scalos - The Amiga Desktop Replacement"

            Sebastian Bauer’s homepage - SimpleMail, SimpleHTML, SimplePac, FreeCiv port, Eclipse IDE Amiga plugin, and other tools, datatypes, ...

            Homepage of Michael Sinz (MKSoft Development), author of Enforcer debugging tool, SimpleRexx, Flipper (Othello game), DiskSpeed, wb2cli, MKS_Lens, and more

            Home of SoundFX (audio editor/processor), AmiPanel (workbench panel), Resor (bass synth), Fractal Universe (fractal generator)

            Homepage of Stephan Rupprecht - "Public Domain Software for the Amiga", including ShuttleWheel (shuttlewheel.gadget class), CyberPiPView (Videolayer picture viewer), nrdargs (Shell-/workbench transparent ReadArgs interface), sgrab (screen grabber), lots of datatypes, and many more.

            Homepage of Andreas Tetzl - home of Amiga programs LogicSim, ImageMap, Dial, and CDP. Also has an Amiga quiz with 30 questions.

            Home of PicShow, Thumb, LimpidClock, DAPlayer, and many other tools/utilities (see "Support" and "Download"). Also has workshops, links, FAQs, and more.

            Several programs for AmigaOS, including NetSurf (AmigaOS4), Wet, 7-Zip XAD Client, GuideML, FACTS. Also some for intent/AmigaDE.

            Ulrich Beckers' private homepage with numerous tools and utilities: PerCIMan (contact manager), Exutil (EXIF image data manipulation), StoWaSta (advanced stopwatch), ...

            Virus Help Denmark's Amiga homepage

            Virtual Worlds Productions - home of WaveTracer DS, AnimFX, and IT2 (Imperium Terranum)

            Home of "polywog" 3D modelling program (part of Ben Discoe's personal homepage)

            Home of the floppy-to-harddisc installer package

            Home of “Wildfire 7” award winning graphics special effects software for classic Amiga, and “Taifun” (Wildfire successor, discontinued) for AmigaSDK/intent. (Note: “Wildfire” continued as “JWildfire” (Java), see author’s homepage at

            Home of "XiPaint" 24-bit paint program

            Home of "Yet Another Mailer" open-source project

            Yvon Rozijn's Home Page, home of AWeb web browser

            Zapek software engineering - applications for various OSs, including Voyager webbrowser, Ambient desktop, zvnc client, and more for Amiga


              (39 links)

              "Aged Code Studio has been founded for one purpose, and one purpose only...
     create games for the AMIGA range of computers"

              Home of "Air Taxi" multiplayer game

              "Software, Games and Fun for Amiga OS4"

              "...comprehensive coverage of [...] the Amiga version of Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix..." (World Circuit)

                Amiga games site (discontinued / outdated, reachable only via index.htm)

                "Day Of The Tentacle" adventure game ported to Amiga AGA / ScummVM

                Home of "Jump!", Amiga conversion of 8-bit arcade action game "Yoomp!"

                AmigaLive project, emulator (fs-uae) based Amiga gaming application (for Windows, Mac, Linux) with TCP/IP multiplayer/sharing support

                "Amiga Game Memorial"

                Play Amiga games online

                Article about playing casino games on the Amiga (German website)

                Games ported to AmigaOS4 - Descent Freespace, Ufo AI, Aquaria, and more.

                AMIworx software, development and publishing. Tales of Gorluth, Heroes of Gorluth, Project Lila, Reshoot, and Alex Zirconstar

                The Amiga Games Database - game reviews

                Home of “Payback” game for classic Amiga (and other platforms)

                Home of AQUABYSS game

                Creators of Amiga games Quake, MYST, Nightlong, Capital Punishment, T-Zero and Napalm (click "our history" near bottom of page for Amiga games info)


                "The official sanctioned home of the Amiga classic game Deluxe Galaga."

                Home of "Black Dawn Rebirth" and "The Shadows Of Sergoth"

                "The web's first and only Team17 fansite!"

                First-person shooter game created for the 2018 Seven Day First Person Shooter Jam

                Erik "earok" Hogan's old homepage and blog, home of Amiga games Blue Thunder (prototype), Highway Sprint (prototype), The Kiwi's Tale, and many Amiga game hacks, along with some games for Mac/PC/browser

                Emerald Web - dedicated to "Emerald Mine" game, level disks, and clones

                Former Amiga game development company, free downloads of Katakis, R-Type and BCKid ("Classics for free")

                Amiga-heavy gaming website with legal game downloads, AMOS code examples, MOD music charts, reviews, etc.

                Home of "Souverän Soccer" 3D soccer game for Amiga 1200, and "Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake for AmigaOS4/MorphOS/AROS.

                Hall of light - the Amiga games database

                Home of Minerunner, Star Defender, Poweroids, Zerberk and more games for Amiga

                games database, news, forum, help, and home of (discontinued) "Lemonade - The Ultimate Amiga Gaming Frontend"

                Home of "Did IT come from the Desert?" FPS game, "IT came from the Desert" inspired Gloom mod.

                Homepage of Roy Schneider, author of "Dust Digger" and "BioJet"

                Pixelglass games - home of “AlarCity” and “Giana Sisters S.E.”

                Information about Psygnosis' games for Amiga (French website)

                Videos of Amiga games. Site closed, but content still available.

                Home of "BOH" action-adventure-puzzle game.

                Tales Of Gorluth I & II, Amiga action RPGs (see

                Former Amiga game development and publishing company, see "history"/"mini"/"mega" (Valhalla, Timekeepers, The Strangers, ...)

                Home of "Scourge of the Underkind" action-RPG game, part of artist Wayne Ashworth's homepage


                (2 links)

                Amiga Raytracing Society, "Home of Amiga Raytracing enthusiasts"

                ASCII art created on the Amiga

                  Music / Sound

                  (21 links)

                  AmigaAMP mp3 player software

                  "Preserving the musical heritage of the Commodore Amiga since 1997"

                  Amiga music re-mixed/-imagined/-created

                  Audio CD series, classic Amiga games tunes re-recorded by the original artists.

                  Home of AHX chiptune audio tracker software, "Think Pink" MOD music and home of HIMEX (MIDI tracker), ROTR 3 - Rabitt Rumble (jump'n'run game), Pretracker 3.0 (Protracker sample precalculator), BB2 Sprite Multiplexer, BB2 CPU-Blit

                  Amiga music podcasts

                  Amiga musician Allister Brimble's "The Amigaworks" (Alien Breed, Superfrog, ... soundtracks) - gallery, interviews, music, fans pictures, ... and online store

                  Amiga Music Preservation - comprehensive database about Amiga music and musicians, interviews, forum, downloads. 

         and and
                  Home of "Aseq" audio/MIDI sequencer and "amoralplayer" multi format music and audio player

                  Alfred Faust’s homepage - home of Bars’n’Pipes music sequencer, SuperJam!, TriplePlay MIDI interface, and others.

                  Chipbench, dedicated to Amiga chiptunes.

                  Veteran Amiga musician (Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast 2, Powermonger, Microcosm, ...) and creator of "Shadow of the Beast MMXV" remix album

                  Home of "Midi Companion" (for OctaMED SoundStudio)

                  Home of Digibooster sound tracker software.

                  Home of the "most comprehensive soundplayer for the Amiga"

                  HD-Rec harddisk recorder / digital audio workstation (DAW) 

                  Jørgen Kirksæther's Music-X support page ( )

                  Homepage of Chris Huelsbeck, has created numerous Amiga and C64 soundtracks, among others

                  Classic Game Soundtracks, "Over 348 Amiga-Soundtracks waiting for you."

                  Home of "PT1210" Protracker digital turntable for MOD file DJ-ing

                  Thomas Wenzel's homepage - Amiga nostalgia section about his products: Prelude, Samplitude, AmigaAMP, Play16 and AHIRecord


                  (16 links)

                  Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund's Amiga (and C64) software - ported emulators TrueReality (PPC), SOPE (PPC), Frodo (PPC), VICE, MAME (PPC), FPSE (PPC), and more

                  Amithlon info, patches, installation guide, configuration

                  Amithlon Linux kernel project - kernel and driver updates

                  ARM-based Amiga emulation retro gaming console

                  fs-UAE is an alternative uae port with lots of enhancements. It runs on Linux, Windows, OS X and many other platforms

                  “Your new Amiga” - home of Amibian, lightweight Amiga emulator for RaspberryPi computers

                  Home of iUAE Amiga emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

                  Home of "Amiga Model X", custom hardware design running Amiga emulation

                  Home of WinFellow, Amiga emulator for Windows

                  Amiga 500 emulator for your webbrowser. Uses Google’s Portable Native Client technology.

                  Home- and demo-page of the Scripted Amiga Emulator - runs Amiga software in your webbrowser. (GitHub project: )

                  The Amiga Workbench Simulation - Amiga workbench “emulator” in your webbrowser (JavaScript)

                  WinUAE main page

                  AmiEmulators - Info about emulators for the Amiga (MSX, Game Boy, Master System, Game Gear, NES, PC Engine) (part of which has an Amiga and emulation section)

                  "Running Amiga like OSes on QEMU" - MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS on qemu emulating Sam460ex board

                  Home of "Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator"

                    News / Blogs / Magazines / Talk

                    (64 links)

                      "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast"

                      Information about Amiga systems, expansions, drivers

                      "News, Tips, Tutorials und Tests rund um den Classic Amiga" - blog and news website (German, with Google translations)

                      Home of UK based print magazine "AMIGA ADDICT"

                      “using the Amiga in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023... and beyond!”

                      Amiga news and articles from various blog sites. Includes list of Amiga blog sites. 

                      News articles, and forums

                      Polish Amiga website

                      Czech Amiga website

                      French Amiga support site with news, articles, ...

                      Mambo’s Amiga Blog

                      Amiga/AROS/MorphOS News, Amigafuture magazine, forum, more

                      Home of freeware diskmag "AmigaGadget". Lots of articles covering interviews, show reports, reviews, software development, etc.

                      Home of print magazine "Amiga Germany"

                      News and articles covering Amiga/AROS/MorphOS, and an Amiga timeline from 1985 to today (Greek website)

                      Greek Amiga forum website (Greek website)

                      Amiga history guide - models, adverts, culture, images, interviews, magazines, technical information (DOS error codes, GURU meditation guide, networking, ...)

                      News, freeweb, email (Hungarian website) (probably discontinued)

                      News, downloads, forums (french website, Google translations)

                      AmigaDOS, hardware projects, links, history, ...

                      Amiga/AROS/MorphOS News

                      "AMIGA COMPUTERS USER'S MAGAZINE"

                      Amiga news (Italian website)

                      AMIGAoneX - Kevin Saunder's "Amiga blog posting mostly my own development work for the Classic and NG (AmigaOS) machines"

                      "Amiga Information Center" - forum, news, downloads, and more (Russian website)

                      News, articles, links, ...

                      Home of AMIWigilia and AMIcast podcasts

                      Amiga news, downloads, forums, ... (German website)

                      Home of french magazine "aMiGa=PoWeR", with links, downloads, mailing list, etc. (french website)

                      "A weekly Amiga gaming Podcast"

                      Amiga Report Magazine, published between March 1993 and April 1998

                      News, links, videos, ...

                      News, discussions, photos, video's, articles, magazines and more

                      "Since 2001... Your BEST source for Amiga information"

                      Amiga support site with news, links, forums, ... (hungarian website)

                      "Votre portail Suisse pour l'AMIGA" ("Your Swiss portal for the Amiga") in french and german (unmaintained / broken site)

                      "jess amiga and icaros blog : articles, photos galeries, how to, tips and tutorials"

                      News, articles, links, podcasts, ... (Spanish website, Google translations)

                      Amiga User International - "...dedicated to, and following in the footsteps of, the original, first ever European print magazine which focused on the Commodore Amiga..."

                      News, hardware, software, ... (hungarian/english website)

                      Matthias Münch's website with articles, reviews, workshops, hardware projects, software projects & downloads (AmigaOS3/AmigaOS4/MorphOS ports of apache, bzip2, php, flac, ...)

                      "Epsilon's Amiga Blog - Focused on Next Generation and Classic Amigas"

                      "Quoi de nouveau dans le monde Amiga! - What's new in Amiga's World!" (French website)

                      Home of "AmigaMAD" PDF & print magazine (english), news, reviews, etc. (norsk)

                      Official Amiten TV blog. Forum at for Amiten TV team members and their followers. (see also:

                      Interviews, reviews, articles, guides - “Nothing But Amiga Knowledge”

                      ann Amiga news archive (rechecked 2020-10-10: ann discontinued in April 2019, domain redirects to )

                      non-profit AROS and Amiga Promotion

                      "Der podcast roundabout Amiga" - German audio podcast with Amiga news, interviews, ...

                      "Your guide to everything Amiga" - News, games, forum, demoscene, ...

                      AMITEN TV - "Your Amiga & retro tv channel in youtube": (see also:

                      "The random ramblings of a random citizen" with lots of Amiga-related content: hardware repair, CD32 controller, Amiga keyboard info, ...

                      CU-Amiga Magazine homepage (discontinued in 1998)

                      Amiga Web Directory legacy (retired in 2000), with links to more Amiga related sites

                      Podcasts, news, interviews, articles, recorded gameplays, ...

                      Polish Amiga magazine - news, articles, forum, galleries, etc.

                      Amiga related blog (probably formerly

                      non-profit Amiga magazine - news, reports, and retro computing in general

                      Dan Wood’s Amiga-heavy retro computing blog site. His YouTube channel is “Dan Wood -“ (

                      "L’Amiga au maximum" - french Amiga/AROS/MorphOS magazine

                      "Amiga, Demoscene & Gaming since 2011"

                      Polski Portal Amigowy - Polish Amiga portal site with news, forum, FAQ, reviews, etc.

                      "Diary of an Amiga fanatic"

                      Home of "The Guru Meditation" by Bill Winters and Anthony Becker from the Westchester Amiga User Group (WAUG), with videos an various Amiga subjects, events, photos, and newsletters. YouTube channel:

                        Hardware information / Repair / Reference

                        (22 links)
                          List of modern displays suitable for Amiga 15kHz screenmodes

                          Amiga 1000 and Phoenix community. Hardware information, forum, phase5 products (accelerators, SCSI-kits, ...) support page.

                          “...the worlds largest (unofficial) support homepage of the Access computer” - info about the Amiga clone by Index Information Ltd.

                          Acill’s classic computers and consoles - hardware-guru, specializes in Amiga, but supports other devices as well. Repairs, recap-service, hardware, software

                          "The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page"

                          Hardware reference database - “The Big Book of Amiga Hardware” (legacy website, retired in 2006) (see )

                          How to use a "Arcade VGA converter" as a scandoubler for the Amiga

                          Amiga PCB Explorer - explore Amiga mainboard's PCB files

                          Hardware reference database - “A data collection about the Amiga computer and its expansions”

                          Anthony’s Amiga technical resource, for schematics, connector pinouts and tips to assist with Amiga computer repairs.

                          Hardware reference database - “Probably the largest Amiga hardware reference on the net!” (last updated: 2017-12-05)

                          Part of Thorsten Kuphaldt's homepage ( CCOM, the "Commodore computer online museum" with plenty of information about Amiga models and peripherals

                          "The Home" - Amiga schematics, service manuals, developer info, and mirrors of "Amiga Schematics and Manuals" (from, offline) and "The Dave Haynie Archive" (from

                          Home of DiagROM, the Amiga diagnostic ROM. Went open-source in April 2017, it’s github page is:

                          CD32 joypad controller re-engineering info (see "PROJEKTE") (German website)

                          GREX PCI expansion board support and info site.

                          Blog with various DIY Amiga hardware projects (French website)

                          Repulse audio card support and info site.

                          The Dave Haynie Archives - Commodore Amiga hardware documentation: A2630, A3640, Zorro III specification, Nyx (AAA) prototype documents, ...

                          John “Chucky” Hertell’s A3640 and Amiga 4000 hardware info, repair, and upgrading website

                          Home of "Installer's heaven": big collection of hardware information about Amiga computers and expansion devices, with installation software downloads, card jumper settings, pinouts, and more. Also home of "Kuang Eleven" (AmIRC script).

                 (not linked from homepage)
                          Various Amiga (and C64) related hardware projects, including 3D-designs, the "Component Locator Chucky" and Amiga mainboard recapping maps, among others

                            Hardware Products / Projects / Companies

                            (40 links)

                              “A customizable keyboard LED board for your Amiga 1200”

                              Home of campaigns for new A1200 case and compatible keycaps (and more).

                              Sam440, Sam460 and AmigaOne 500 AmigaOS4 computers, MiniMig, EyeMotion, and other products

                              Home of Akiko32, Mini-ITX Amiga/CD32 compatible computer

                              How to use a Raspberry PI as an Amiga Floppy Drive Emulator

                              “Various (not only) Amiga related hardware and software projects” - home of the HC508 accelerator board for the Amiga 500, among other devices. (see also

                              Home of Warp 1260, Warp 560, and Warp 4060 accelerator boards, by CS-Lab s.c.

                              Home of "Amy", ITX formfactor Amiga-compatible mainboard

                              home of the Vampire FPGA-based accelerator boards for Amiga 500/600/1200.

                              Arananet Retroproducts - hardware for different retro computing platforms, including Amiga (A1200 3-way clockport adapter, A2000 CPU-to-DIP adapter, "Ultimate Amiga to VGA" adapter, and more)

                              Home of Buffee Accelerator Project, high-performance MC68000 CPU drop-in replacement

                              "The Unofficial BoXer Support site" (inactive / under reconstruction / last updated Sept. 1st 2000) (as of 2018-10-17)

                              Home of D520 Amiga analog RGB video to DVI converter

                              Former Amiga hardware company, home of ALGOR, Subway, Highway, DENEB USB controllers

                              Amiga hardware company - tower cases, harddisk controllers, busboards, ... 

                              Home of UnAmiga, Amiga 500/1200 compatible FPGA computer

                              MNT VA2000 open-source Amiga zorro-bus graphics card with HDMI output and SD-card slot.

                              Christian "scratje" Euler's GitHub page, home of Commodore Amiga 4000 Rev.B PCB replica (GPL)

                              Stephen Leary’s github account - home of the TF520 and TF530 open-source accelerator boards for Amiga 500, and other projects. See also his YouTube channel at and online shop at

                              Great Valley Products - maker of GVP A1230, A2000 and A4000 accelerators, EGS Spectrum graphics board, DSS8+ sampler, etc.  (last updated in 2011)

                              Has an Amiga section, with various hacks and devices e.g. audio mixer, clockport adapter, pc floppy drive adapter

                              Individual computers - ACA accelerator boards, keyboard interfaces, RapidRoad USB interface, and many more. Also creator of the Chameleon 64 cartridge and the C64 Reloaded mainboard.

                              Electronics engineering, and Amiga X-Pert Merlin graphics card support

                              Amiga hardware development company - home of HC 508 accelerator, SD Drive Z2, ScanPlus scandoublers, IDE4 Z2

                              Home of Melody 1200, Melody Z2 soundcards, Twister 1200 hi-speed serial port expansion, and more

                              Amiga hardware products.

                              Open-source scandoubler for Amiga 2000 video slot

                              Home of the “Amiga600 8 megabytes autoconfiguring fastRAM board”

                              Developer of the Vampire line of FPGA based accelerator boards. News, “Amiga Talk”, “Amiga Repair”, etc., and downloads section with some datasheets/manuals/schematics.

                              Amiga RAM expansion, IDE interfaces, parallel port protection circuit projects information, among other hardware stuff (part of )

                              Dominik Tonn's blog, home of "ADF-Copy"

                              John Tsiombikas' personal web site - has an "Amiga hardware hacks" section (A500 ATA controller, 30pin-SIMM memory expansion, and more), among other general technical articles (e.g. Huffman compression (in Greek)), demo coding links, a software directory, and more

                              Rast­Port designs and man­u­fac­tures ac­cessor­ies and ex­pan­sions for Amiga com­puters

                              Home of John "Chucky" Hertell's "ReAmiga" series of reverse-engineered Amiga circuit boards.

                              site dedicated to devices created for Amiga computers and retro-computing, home of the Wicher 500i accelerator board and other Amiga devices.

                              "Accessorize your Amiga..." - hardware accessories

                              Amiga hardware DIY projects: A500 RAM expansion, 4 player parallelport joystick adapter, external floppy controller, PS2 adapter (among others)

                              Hardware and software development for retro computer systems - makers of Sakura 4MB PCMCIA SRAM, external floppy drive interface PCB, and more

                              "Exploring Amiga retro-computing and Electronics"

                              home of the Turbo-CF Coldfire accelerator board for the Amiga 1200. (discontinued)


                                (15 links)

                                  Retro computer trading site. Mainly Amiga, but also includes Atari, Commodore, Apple, Amstrad, Sinclair, Acorn, and others.

                                  Forums and articles. (Dutch website) 

                                  German forum website

                                  Forum for all flavors of Amiga and related OS

                                  Amiga forum, articles, news site (French website)

                                  Forum website

                                  Forum, and games section

                                  Forums and news

                                  “serving the community since 1994” - forums, trading, gallery, links, etc.

                                  Amiga community portal - forums, news, etc.

                                  English Amiga Board, a forum with lots of features

                                  Official support forum for registered Hyperion Entertainment customers (AmigaOS, Games, ...) with participating OS developers & beta testers

                                  Forum website (German website)

                                  German forum specific to AmigaOS 4 with participating OS developers & beta testers

                                  Forum with lots of Amiga-related topics, such as AMOS, emulation, div. tools

                                    Amiga Dealers

                                    (26 links)

                                      AmigaONE PowerPC manufacturers

                                      Amiga and retro gaming store (French dealer)

                                      French Amiga dealer and repair service

                                      "...web store that provides laptops preconfigured to run AmigaOS and Amiga software"

                                      Cloanto’s “Amiga Forever” Distribution site

                                      Leaman Computing’s (UK) Amiga store - portal to,,, and

                                      publisher/distributor of Amiga (e)books, magazines (Amigazyn, RetroComp, Amiga User), games (AlarCity, Tanks Furry, ...), and tools. (Polish/english Website)

                                      Amiga On The Lake web shop (US dealer)

                                      Alinea Computer web shop (German dealer, ships world-wide)

                                      APC&TCP / Amigafuture shop (German dealer, ships world-wide)

                                      “Shipping Commodore Amiga world wide since 1999” - Amiga store (Spanish dealer)

                                      German online store for new and used Amiga products.

                                      Retro computing online shop from Netherlands

                                      online store and hardware projects for Amiga and other platforms

                                      Polish dealer (Polish website)

                                      Amiga dealer in Finland

                                      Swedish dealer, offers Amiga hard- and software (among others) (Swedish/English website)

                                      Greek computer dealer, seems to have a heart for Amiga: the online product catalogue has a category "Amiga fans" (Greek website)

                                      French online reseller specialized in Amiga and retro-computing hardware

                                      online shop for MNT VA2000 open-source Amiga zorro-bus graphics board with HDMI output. 

                                      US based Amiga dealer

                                      Retro computing store located in Salt Lake City, Utah

                                      Former Amiga distributor located in Ontario, offers some "Amiga Wares" e.g. t-shirts, sweaters, beachball:

                                      Swiss Amiga store (in french)

                                      GoldEd/Cubic IDE for classic AmigaOS 3.x

                                      Vesalia Computer web shop (German dealer, ships world-wide)


                                      (26 links)

                                      Home of "Abyss" demo and game coder group

                                      Amiga Demoscene Archive

                                      ADZ one - Amiga demos, dentros, intros, slideshows, diskmags from 1989 to 1996

                                      Christophe "Oriens" Kohler's "Story of a coder in 100 steps"

                                      "Made by sceners, for sceners." - collection of Amiga demos and games

                                      Searchable Amiga demo and MOD archive

                                      Home of VOiD demo group founded in 1995.

                             (and mirror
                                      Bird of Syntex

                                      KESTRA BITWORLD / Janeway Amiga Scene Demo Search Engine

                                      The Legacy, cyberpingu1 - Amiga "Cracktros" reverse engineered

                                      Amiga and WebGL demo coders

                                      Home of "Decrunch" demoscene and retro computing event in Wrocław, Poland

                                      PUSH Entertainment demo group

                                      Nostalgia - Amiga demo archive, covers approx. 1989 to 2001

                                      "Rebels" demo group homepage

                                      Home of "GURU team"

                                      Nils L. Corneliusen's contributions to demo coding with the group Triumph from Norway - pictures/videos, sourcecode, downloads

                                      website of dA JoRMaS - a collective of multimedia artists - with information about productions as a demo group and links to the works of individual members

                                      Candle (CDL) demo group

                                      Home of Nordlicht demo scene party event

                                      Homepage of Nukleus/NLS, Amiga demo group formed 1994

                                      Christophe "Oriens" Kohler's homepage ("ORIENS AMIGA DEMO PAGE")

                                      Homepage of "Elude" demo group

                                      LEGO demo group

                                      Norwegian Amiga demo and software group. Non-demo productions include MAME, InstallerFX, ACDSee2Filenote, Intuitracker, and more

                                      "Zero Defects" demo group homepage


                                      (12 links)

                                      Amiga Computer Users of Edmonton

                                      "The Belgian Amiga club" - Amiga, MorphOS, AROS.
                                      With TOSEC disk-image (ADF) search engine: 

                                      Amiga Users Braunschweig, Germany

                                      Amiga Users Group, Melbourne Australia 

                                      The Amiga Retro Brisbane (Australia) forum 

                                      Amiga Users of Calgary 

                                      "Amiga Response Crew User Group", local central Indiana Amiga User Group (last updated 2003, partly broken, quickly redirects to parked domain)

                                      "...the user group for non-Wintel platforms...", supports Amiga and CHRP (among others) (probably outdated / unchanged since 1998) 

                                      Memphis Amiga Group (MAG) and Memphis Commodore Users Club (MCUC) 

                                      Home of S.A.C.C. - Sacramento Amiga Computer Club 

                                      Home of "Triple A - l'Association des Accros de l'Amiga" ("Association of Amiga Addicts") (French website) 

                                      The Westchester Amiga User Group (WAUG)


                                      (6 links)

                                      "Project CD32" - CD32 and CDTV support site with hard- and software databases, CD32-FAQ, forums, etc.

                                      German Amiga CD32 and CDTV support site with developer infomation, schematics, software database, ...

                                      News, IRC, links, CD32 FAQ, software database, hardware pictures, schematics, etc.

                                      Reviews, news, videos, pictures, etc.

                                      Has an "Amiga CD32 Zone" with articles, "The Amiga CD32 FAQ 2000", etc.

                                      "The Amiga CD32 blog"


                                      (6 links)

                                      "dynAMIte's Spiritual Home" - mostly MorphOS related blog, home of OS4Emu, amifish, CD Player, Screenshot and TopTask screenbar plugins, and more

                                      Home of MorphOS

                                      MorphOS forum (German website)

                                      MorphOS software repository

                                      MorphOS software repository

                                      "World Association of MorphOS Users", website dedicated to MorphOS

                                        Misc / Mixed

                                        (88 links)

                                        Gallery with Amiga section, some hardware projects, and Workbench emulation for webbrowsers

                                        “Amiga Lore is an updated version of's web portal. It's your gateway to the Amiga world of the Hall of Light, the English Amiga Board, the Amiga Magazine Rack, Amiga Games That Weren't and Amiga Point of View.”

                                        “Amiga30” Oct. 2015 community event homepage (uses TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulator)

                                        “Amiga32” community event homepage (uses TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulator)

                                        “Amiga34” Oct. 2019 community event homepage (uses TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulator)

                                        AMIGA ARENA - games and apps downloads, interviews, and legacy home of magazine "Amiga Insider" (German website)

                                        Home of "Amiga Art Contest" by Douglas from 10MARC and Pixel Vixen

                                        Bounty projects site for AmigaOS4 (outdated / probably discontinued)

                                        Portal for Classic Amiga computing, with music collection, BBSs, forum, downloads, and more

                                        Amiga Inc. website - home of “Amiga Anywhere” (discontinued)

                                        Home of "Viva Amiga: The Story Of A Beautiful Machine" movie.

                                        Games, demos, tools, emulators, news, Amiga history, models, ... (German website)

                                        dedicated to graphics made with or for the Commodore Amiga home computer

                                        Home of the Metroplex Commodore Computer Club (MCCC)

                                        Home of "Amiga Meeting" community event, held in Germany since 2000

                                        News, articles/tutorials, and Amiga magazines library

                                        News, history, emulation, config files, forum, downloads, music, ... (french website)

                                        Amiga posters (re-)created by Vasilis Psomiadis

                                        Team Amiga Resistance - forums, news, articles, books, downloads, ...

                                        "AMIGA REVIEW - the content of the magazine online!"

                                        Amiga rulez.

                                        Collection of information about public-domain disk series, hardware, processors, Amiga music audio CD releases, books, ...

                                        AmigaOS and MorphOS/Pegasos information

                                        Amiga www links database

                                        Commodore / Amiga users Ireland - “Amiga Ireland Meetup” event homepage

                                        "REWIND the Amiga" - Amiga video collection

                                        History, models, soft- and hardware information, schematics, components, signals, ...

                                        Amiga event in Großensee, Germany (german site)

                                        Portal to other Amiga websites (,,,

                                        (currently defunct, claims to be back shortly, rechecked 2018-10-01, 2019-03-14)

                                        Home of AmiWest community event

                                        Italian Amiga website

                                        "Annuaire Amiga & Pegasos francophone" ("french Amiga and Pegasos directory") (French website)

                                        APC & TCP software publisher, and former computer club / user group (see “Dealers”: shop via )

                                        "Wonderfully Ancient Aztec C Compilers" - includes Aztec C for Amiga, Version 5.0a of 1/9/89

                                        "The Amiga 1200 webserver" - DiskImage service, Amiga history, AmigaOS3.9 guide, Lightwave3D guide, showreports. All hosted on Amiga 1200.

                                        "Dark Star access portal", Amiga and SGI support site - Dark Star BBS (running on Amiga 2500), and ArchLinux. FredFish PD collection.

                                        Homepage of Henryk Richter, co-author of EaglePlayer, with some Amiga projects (FontED, PS/2 Amiga mouse, Amiga 500 1MB ChipRAM, Kickstart-EPROM, A590 harddrive bus power modification)

                                        Nicholas Blachford's website - home of Blachford Technology, former Amiga (and BeOS) audio software company “Aural Illusion” and “Aural Synthetica”. Also first-hand Amiga Walker information, among some other Amiga related material. Look for "Computer section".

                                        "The Big Lotto Project" - home of AmiSuperLotto and other lottery playing support software

                                        Chain’s HQ - has some Amiga stuff like games database, Amiga power supply database (Czech website) (PLEASE SUPPLY BETTER DESCRIPTION IF YOU SPEAK CZECH :-) )

                                        ChAL - Chelm Amiga legion - AmiParty

                                        Codetapper's Amiga Site - random collection of technical information about the Commodore Amiga computer, interviews, programming techniques, hidden messages in games

                                        "The Commodore billboard - an archive of Commodore adverts, brochures and tv commercials"

                                        “The Cross Connection” - AMAX Amiga Macintosh emulator, PARNET (Amiga to Amiga), J-Net (C64 to Amiga), and more 

                                        Dirk Stöcker's homepage - author of xadmaster, fd2pragma, CheckX, GrabKick, ProcessIcon, and many more software titles/utilities

                                        "Distributed Amiga" key cracking team effort homepage

                                        Amiga and retro gaming/computer music interest wiki, with Amiga Game Box Scans gallery, demo(-groups) database, music collection ("UnExoticA"), and more

                                        Retro gaming & computing stuff - with "AmigaHQ", huge Amiga hardware/software/articles/3D-renderings gallery

                                        Has an Amiga section at with hardware projects, Wriggle game, and more

                                        Homepage of Chris Gray, author of AmigaMUD, Draco compiler, Amiga Empire, Explore, and more, some including sourcecode (also other platforms)

                                        Personal website of Gregory S. Donner, with Workbench nostalgia, OS3.5 and OS3.9 FAQ, and GVP-M 4060/2060 accelerator board information

                                        Amiga news, and various articles about Amiga hardware, AmigaOS 4, and Amithlon

                                        (Presumably) Karl Jeacle's website, with several Amiga related articles, including programming in Java on Amiga, Amiga networking and the www, NetBSD/Amiga, ISDN, the new Amiga logo (1995), and more

                                        German computer magazines’ “Amiga Joker” and “PC Joker” archive site

                                        Homepage of Jon Aasenden, author of Amibian.js, with occasional Amiga-related articles (try searchbox: "Amiga").

                                        Amiga (1000) review, retrocoding, and home of "redit" texteditor

                                        Slovenian Amiga Users club

                                        Grzegorz Kraszewski's homepage, Amiga and MorphOS hardware/software development: DigiBooster3 (music composition), Prometheus PCI (Zorro-III-to-PCI busboard), MorphOS programmer's handbook (e-book), and much more (see also )

                                        Magazine archive, including some Amiga related ones (German website)

                                        Running Linux on Motorola 68k CPU based machines, including the Amiga (outdated / discontinued)

                                        Retro- and alternative-computing magazine, with occasional Amiga-related articles.

                                        homepage of Marko K. Seppänen, has an Amiga (Classic and AmigaOS4) section with software/ports, demos, videos, pictures, links

                                        Amiga Magazines List - information about printed Amiga magazines from all over the world

                                        Creator of icons for AmigaOS

                                        Marios Filos' blog, with A1200/A600 hard- and software projects

                                        Amiga (and C64) information, games- and demos-database, tutorials, history (German website)

                                        8-/16-bit computers info, including Amiga hardware / models / pinouts, books, and more (Finnish (?) website)

                                        Robert Davis' Amiga hints page

                                        Animanu’s webspot - animations created on the Amiga. 

                                        personal homepage of Peter Gordon, author of BlackWidow, CWE, HivelyTracker, Oricutron, 5kInvade, PatchAB3D, ResCode, Tiny Invaders, and many more software titles, including ports of DASM multi-CPU cross assembler, Grafx2 and SDL 1.2

                                        “A friendly place for every Amigan” - home of Pianeta Amiga meeting/exhibition in Italy

                                        Peter Hutchinson's website - has a huge amount of Amiga information: emulators, archivers, assembler-, BASIC-, and C-programming tutorials, links, ...

                                        "Your place with high quality scans.” - Commodore retro computing site, with Amiga hardware-, software-, and service-manuals, books, articles, tutorials, magazines, commercials, and more.

                                        Homepage of Roger E. Håseth, author of AnArchiver, DiskImageGui, ImageMount, mARK, RHz FileChecker, and more. Many Amiga-related downloads, articles, tutorials, etc.

                                        Rob Cranley’s (of Amiga Future magazine) homepage. Hardware and software projects: ADFer, InstallerGen, RCBackup, SMBMounter, WAVRepair, AirJoy, ...

                                        Homecomputing veteran Simon N Goodwin's website - includes lots of Amiga content, home of SpamFry anti-spam software, etc.

                                        “Classic software, preserved. For the future.” - Formerly the Classic Amiga Preservation Society (CAPS). Games & software database (several platforms, including Amiga), articles.

                                        vbcc/Amiga homepage, vasm, vlink, Quake1 and QuakeWorld for AmigaOS and MorphOS

                                        Homepage of Frank Wille, author of Celtic Heart, Trap Runner, Solid Gold, Sqrxz, ptplayer, cvs-client, PowerVisor, and many other games/tools (also vbcc/Amiga maintainer, see )

                                        Homepage of Carl Sassenrath, creator of AmigaOS, Amiga Logo, REBOL, and many more

                                        Historical document of the history of the Commodore Amiga and the people that made it

                                        Amiga websites link collection (outdated, many broken links)

                                        Home and archive of "Total Amiga" print magazine

                                        John Burger's Amiga Home Page

                                        David Joiner's old homepage - creator of Music-X, Deluxe Music Construction Set, games "Discovery" and "The Faery Tale Adventure", and more Amiga software

                                        Alfonso "alfie" Ranieri's Amiga home pages

                                        Dhomas Trenn's website with lots of audio & video production information, ImageFX plugins, Amiga software (home of GridLock game, MSE ("MIDI System Explorer"), VisibleHuman, and others), reprints of published articles, and more

                                        - - - - -

                                        Additions and corrections welcome, please leave a comment!

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                                        Have you seen the AROS alive web directory?


                                          1. Thanks for all of these! Really is one of the best and handiest indexes I've seen for the Amiga. Must have taken ssooo much work!

                                            1. Thanks for your support - preparing another update, about 30 new links so far... :-)

                                          2. Impressive. I couldn’t see a Usergroups section. The number of Amiga usergroups is on the rise, certainly here in the U.K. Giving them some promotion would be a massive help.

                                            I would suggest putting that section near the top as it’s one of the only occasions these days where Amiga users can get together.

                                            1. Thanks for your feedback, yes, please post links to usergroup websites if you have some :-)

                                          3. Hello! Just want let people know about my fansite for the CanDo programming environment for the Amiga. CanDo is like the classic Hypercard environment for the Mac. If you have any interest just give us a visit at or join our Discord server at - hope to see you there!

                                            1. thanks, got it :-) haven't heard from CanDo in a looong time, nice to see someone using it.