AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Another coin-cell modification: memory expansion expanded!

Here's another example of a memory expansion's leaked battery replaced with a new coin-cell.

A little addendum to the previous article about replacing a Amiga A501's VARTA cell, but this time due to space constraints on the small memory expansion board, the new coin-cell drilled circuit board has been put next to the "mainboard".

The "expanded" memory expansion inside the Amiga 500
Three 3d-printed braces hold the coin-cell board in place. Two probably would've been enough, as the trapdoor cover gives a little pressure from below, adding friction, but we wanna make sure this doesn't move even when the Amiga shakes e.g. when being transported. A few drops of hot glue are a healthy bit of overkill, just for good measure. The good thing about hot glue is that it's not super-sticky, thus can be removed relatively easy if required. Again, this modification can probably be reversed 100%.

As always, the best thing about it, is: it works! :-D