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AMIGA alive

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Games galore #11: Chicken Coop, Monkey Lad, Dodgy Rocks, The Shadows of Sergoth

Chicken, monkeys, rocks, and shadows - pick your favourite, and have a good time playing an Amiga game! Do we see a trend where developers are working towards advanced yet mature tools for game creation, like using Construct 2 for DaemonClaw, Dread being planned as an open engine from the beginning, or RedPill and Scorpion engines evolving and being used as a basis for two of the games in today's article?

Chicken Coop

This looks like one of those games you just can't resist. "Chicken Coop" from Jacek Nockowski was created using the RedPill game engine, it's another platformer, and it's a really cute. 20 levels to play, collect stuff, fight chicken! The graphics are minimalistic, loveable, and effective. The sounds are simple, and hilarious. And then of course there's that cut scene. Don't miss this one.

Note: Looks like it should work on any Amiga, but the extracted archive size is about 1MB, so you'll probably need a little bit of extra RAM and/or harddrive?

Here you can watch a video of "Chicken Coop" (2020-07-14):

You can download "Chicken Coop" from AmiNet:

Additional sources: (RedPill engine)

"Monkey Lad" demo, "Scorpion" engine

In case you haven't heard about Erik "earok" Hogan's "Scorpion" engine before, just think of it as a game construction kit he's building (see "additional sources" below for more info).

After Amigo the Fox now comes "Monkey Lad", another "Scorpion" based game, inspired by 1986 SEGA title "Alexx Kidd". This is not a full game, and not planned to become one, but much more another test for the engine. Very cool, this looks more elaborate than "Amigo the Fox", certainly utilizing new features of the engine, and makes you look forward to more stuff like maybe ropes in the next game?

Watch a video of "MonkeyLad" on YouTube (2020-09-12):

You can download "Monkey Lad" from earok's website:
Additional sources: (Scorpion engine on GitHub) (Scorpion engine thread)

Dodgy Rocks

Do you like "Flappy Bird"? You're gonna love "Dodgy Rocks". It's a new stress-test for your nerves, requiring an OCS/ECS Amiga with 1MB of RAM.

"Dodgy Rocks" is far more complex than "Flappy Bird", but you'll get the idea pretty quickly nontheless. Dodge rocks to get points, or kick and smash them to get more points. If that doesn't sound like fun to you then you must be a PC guy.

Seriously, it's far better than "Flappy Bird" - it's actual fun to play! "Dodgy Rocks" is a game by John Girvin, ported to the Amiga by Rob Cranley.

Watch a video of "Dodgy Rocks" on YouTube (2020-09-10):
You can download "Dodgy Rocks" for Amiga from AmiNet:

Additional sources:

The Shadows of Sergoth

Ah, the dungeon crawlers. After the beautiful "Black Dawn Rebirth", here's the first playable demo of "Shadows of Sergoth" from Doublesided Games, and it's just as amazing.

The visual style and graphics quality of "Shadows of Sergoth" are pretty awesome, music is super moody, and it's classic dungeon crawling - if you like the genre you can't go wrong with this one. A little kingdom, spells, humans, dwarfs, monsters, and more is what you get in this almost-3D fantasy game -  and did I mention those eyes? Very nice eyes.

"Shadows of Sergoth" requires 1.5MB ChipRAM, and a little bit of extra processing power is recommended. You can disable some game features for better performance on lower-end Amigas.

A commercial release of the game is planned, which will include digital download and physical editions.

The Shadows Of Sergoth demo, DOUBLESIDED Games (2020-09-16)

You can download the demo from Doublesided Games' website:

Additional sources:

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for "Games galore #12"!

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