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Hardware: Kupke Golem Sound Stereo sampler information

The "Golem Sound II" / "Golem Sound Stereo" sampler by Kupke Computertechnik GmbH is an 8-bit stereo sound sampling device that connects to the Amiga's parallel and joystick ports.

It has a built-in preamp with LED signal level indicators and an input gain adjustment knob. It's case is made of metal, with two chinch connectors and a DIN connector for sound input on the backside, along with a switch to select mono or stereo sampling. It was released in 1989. Being a parallel port sampler, it's supported by most Amiga parallel port sampling software, e.g. OctaMED SoundStudio.

Golem Sound Stereo connected to Amiga 1200
Bottom side
Inputs connected and in use
Manual page (German, on Fax paper)
Packaging (product/model information)
Packaging (warranty information, backside)

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Roman Eberle

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