AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Hardware: Building the TerribleFire TF530 rev. 2 accelerator board

Here's a back catalogue of our articles about building the TerribleFire TF530 rev. 2 accelerator board, including lists of videos and links.

Disclaimer: This is not an instruction. Use at your own risk. No responsibility taken for whatever you do. Safety first. Kids, dont try this at home.


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Obtaining the components

Part 3: Parts inspection, and soldering

Part 4: Software and Installation

Part 5: Testing. More testing. And... happiness.

Part 6: Faster! Hotter!

YouTube videos referenced in the articles:

TFV#45 - Building Your Own 68030 Amiga 500 Accelerator - SMD Components

Stephen Leary's YouTube channel "TerribleFire":

Frankenstein "It's Alive" Scene

Weblinks referenced in the articles:

Stephen Leary's TF530 github project page:

"Terrible Fire Accelerators" thread on EAB / "English Amiga Board":

TerribleFire accelerator boards documentation:

Special thanks to...

...Markus "Tulpi" T. for giving hints and suggestions, the occasional second pair of eyes, and keeping the Amiga-spirit alive

...Susanne H. for keeping morale high when it was about to go low ("Da darfst Du nicht aufhoeren!") beloved parents for being the best in the world

And of course to...

...Mr. Stephen Leary, without whom this wouldn't have been possible at all! Thanks so much!

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