AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Saturday, February 3, 2024

The hottest tip ever for playing VirtualGP

Every VirtualGP player has been annoyed by AmigaOS's mousepointer, as it gets stuck on the game screen after clicking the game's menus and entering the race. But there is a surprisingly simple solution!

VirtualGP is an OS-friendly game - mouse-pointer stays on screen.

Having the mouse-pointer on screen during gameplay hurts the player's immersion, but VirtualGP is an OS-friendly program, it doesn't shut down Workbench, only grabs mouse input for proper proportional control when driving the car - so the pointer gets stuck in full view, an that's it. Not so nice. Did author Paolo Cattani miss this? Or even ignore it?

Of course he didn't - in fact quite the opposite, the game integrates with the OS near perfectly. The solution is simple, and actually just as much in full view as the pointer is, because it's in the pointer itself: AmigaOS is still running! :-)

And it has pretty good keyboard pointer control: Hold Left-Amiga key, and use cursor keys to move mouse-pointer to the bottom of the screen! (Hold Shift, too, to accelerate.)

Maybe this makes your VirtualGP racing sessions even more fun. ;-)


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