AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Bars&Pipes goes AROS

Outstanding news for Amiga musicians: Professional music program Bars&Pipes has been ported to AROS!

Bars&Pipes is a professional grade MIDI music composition program that was originally developed by Blue Ribbon Soundworks in the 1990s. It supports Amiga audio via AHI and plugins (called "tools" in Bars&Pipes).

Users might have wondered if there's a future path for music creation with Amiga and Bars&Pipes - now we know. Alfred Faust, who had officially taken over development from Blue Ribbon Soundworks many years ago, has finished his port of Bars&Pipes to AROS, AmigaOS' portable (m68k, x86, ARM, ...) sibling. This was possible after AROS chief developer Franck Charlet updated AROS' camd.library (Commodore Amiga MIDI driver library) to work with camdusbmidi.class of AROS' USB stack (Poseidon). 

Which means that not only does Bars&Pipes now run on AROS, securing future use, and giving access to massive CPU and hardware resources to create sound, but also that Amiga/AROS music software using camd.library can now access USB MIDI devices!

Bars&Pipes Pro 2.5b from 1994 on AmigaOS

That's very good news indeed - big Thank You to Alfred Faust, Franck Charlet, and everyone else. Bars&Pipes has the potential to become AROS' first "killer application".

Alfred Faust homepage with Bars&Pipes, SuperJAM, and more music software: news article:

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