AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Saturday, May 21, 2022

iBrowse 2.5.6 released, AmiSSL 5.1 released

Great news for Amiga 68k internet users: iBrowse and AmiSSL have both been updated, indicating active and steady development.

Here's a copy of the iBrowse's latest list of changes (see link below):
  • Adapted to fully use OpenSSL 3.0, via AmiSSL v5
  • HTTP Brotli compression support
  • OpenSearch autodiscovery support
  • Gemini client, allowing loading of gemini: URLs
  • Improved Gopher support
  • JavaScript fixes and improvements
  • Google/Gmail account login fixed (became blocked in March)
Note that iBrowse requires latest AmiSSL.

Go to iBrowse's website for more information:

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