AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Friday, June 15, 2018

"Worthy" - new game for all Amigas

Good news for OCS Amiga gamers, there's some fine looking new game out to satisfy your addictions.

Alex Brown with Simone Bernacchia and John Tsakiris just announced the availability of their new action puzzler "Worthy" via facebook.

According to Alex's post on facebook, "Worthy" is a new game, that runs in 320x256 / 32 colors / 50fps on any PAL Amiga with 1MB RAM. It has smart enemies that interact with lots of different game level elements in complex ways.

Cute, nicely animated comic style graphics, funky music, retro arcade sound effects, and as with any good game it's about collecting diamonds to win a girl's heart, encountering numerous enemies and obstacles along the way. Who can resist that?

What sounds good on paper also looks good on video, you can watch a release trailer on YouTube:

Find more information about "Worthy" on the publisher's homepage, and on their facebook page:

To purchase "Worthy" head over to and grab your copy - now!

And for game developers Alex Brown has shared his GitHub page, on which he hosts some of his older projects for you to study:


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