AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Software updates (2023-06)

A selection of software titles that have been updated during the last months.


In February 2023, HippoPlayer was updated to version 2.56.

AWeb APL Lite with (then) latest AmiSSL

Also in February, version 3.5.091 of web browser "AWeb" was recompiled with the (then) latest (compare below) version of AmiSSL for improved https support.


Programming language "AmiBlitz" (BlitzBasic) was updated to version 3.9.9, fixing a number of bugs, and adding a couple of features.


In March, RTG system "P96" - formerly known as "Picasso 96" - version 3.3.3 was released.

MNT ZZ9000 firmware

Also in March, firmware version 1.13 was released for the mighty ZZ9000 multi-function Zorro card.


Still in March, Elbox released version 13.14 of pci.library for their Mediator PCI expansion boards.

Prelude software bundle, and AmigaAMP

In May 2023, Thomas Wenzel released a new version of his software bundle for the Prelude sound card, and fixed a number of bugs in AmigaAMP, which is now at version 3.34.


Also in May, version 5.9 of secure-socket-layer implementation "AmiSSL" was released.


WHDLoad has received a number of bugfixes, bringing it to version 18.9.


In June, version 5.0.0 of famous Amiga emulator "WinUAE" was released.

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