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AMIGA alive

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Games galore #21: Turrican 2 AGA, Follix, ArtPazz, Knight Rider 77, Super Delivery Boy

It's been quite a while, we've got some serious catching up to do, let's go: Turrican returns to the Amiga in AGA colors, Simone Bevilacqua is developing some slick puzzlers with cool graphics, Luigi Recanatese goes full retro-racing, and as always we have some beautiful platformer.

Turrican 2 AGA

Yeah, it's Turrican, the legend. At the end of April 2021 a ("back"-)port of the MS-DOS conversion of Turrican 2 was released to the public. It's still work-in-progress, but judging from user comments it's already really good. 

Not much needs to be said about this - everyone has played Turrican, it's one of the best action-shoot-em-up-platformers on several platforms, Amiga included. And now it looks even better!

As expected from an AGA game, "Turrican 2 AGA" runs on Amiga 1200 and 4000 (and emulators, of course), some FastRAM is recommended for best experience.

Updated AGA graphics and Turrican gameplay - you certainly don't want to miss this. A third demo version has just been released. A very exciting project, very much looking forward to further progress.

Here's a video from Saberman's YouTube channel (2021-09-29):

If you want to try the latest demo of "Turrican 2 AGA" yourself, you can find a dropbox link in the forum thread (as of now latest release is on page 8):

Additional sources:

Follix, and ArtPazz

Developer Simone Bevilacqua from Italy - creator of games BOH, SkillGrid, and many more - always comes up with nice new ideas, and gives his productions a recognizable, polished style. 

He's been working on "Follix" and "ArtPazz", two arcade puzzle games, which introduce some technical marvel that goes by the name of ALS (AMOS Layer System), allowing for some visual effects rarely seen anywhere else on the Amiga.

Here's a video from Simone's YouTube channel showing "Follix" gameplay (2021-07-10):

In both games you move tiles to restore the proper order of things and advance to the next level, but the presentation is very different. While "Follix" is more fast paced, and feels very arcade, "ArtPazz" with it's recreations of famous historic paintings and laid back music creates an entirely different atmosphere.

And here's another video from Simone's YouTube channel, showing "ArtPazz" gameplay (2021-03-17):

Read more about Follix and ArtPazz, and find more of Simone's creations on his website:

Make sure you visit Simone's patreon page and show your support:

Additional sources: (ArtPazz) (Follix)

Knight Rider 77

Now we're getting reaaaally retro. So you think an Atari 2600 is an old gaming platform? You have no idea. We're talking b/w TV game consoles retro here, the ones with built-in games and a switch. Or just a built-in game, no switch. 

"Knight Rider 77" by Luigi Recanatese, uploaded to AmiNet in April 2021, is one of those good old, very simple, quick and fun to play arcade games.

It's a straightforward racing game, looks super fun, and requires an Amiga with 1MB RAM.

Watch a video of "Knight Rider 77" on Per-Ola Eriksson's YouTube channel:

You can download "Knight Rider 77" from AmiNet:

Super Delivery Boy

This is a platformer featuring simple, beautiful, smartphone style graphics, some cute abstract dudes, nice music, and all the game mechanics that make platform games fun. Does that sound good to you? Demos have already been released for you to download (see below), and a physical, boxed version is planned with a release date tentatively set to some time near end of 2021.

Here's a video from Amiga Fan's YouTube channel (2021-07-03):

Go to NEESO games page to find out more, and download "Super Delivery Boy":

Additional sources:

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