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AMIGA alive

Hardware: Microbotics MBX1230XA accelerator board information

The Microbotics MBX1230XA, or Paravision M1230XA, is an 68030-powered accelerator board for the Amiga 1200 computer. It connects to the Amiga 1200's internal "trapdoor" expansion port. It has one SIMM slot for up to 128MB of RAM, a socket for an optional 68882 FPU, and a battery backed up realtime clock.

These accelerator boards are very well-made, including the accompanying setup software, but seem to be very rare nowadays, making it difficult to find information and support in case of problems. Below is a list of sources that should help answering your questions about the M1230XA and keeping it running.

Amiga Hardware Database info page
Info, manual and installation disk download

Install disk:

Facebook group

"Microbotics MBX1230XA / M1230XA Amiga 1200 accelerator board"


"Underclocking" acceleration
An interesting article about speeding up your M1230XA by slowing it down

Microbotics / Paravision M1230XA accelerator board repair
Someone's trying to solve problems he has with RAM installed


"Microbotics 1230XA -- 68030 Accelerator for the Amiga 1200"
Amiga Report magazine review by Tom Mulcahy (Amiga Report issue 1.15 of 1993-07-02)

"Usenet Review: Microbotics 1230XA Accelerator for Amiga 1200"Another detailed review of the board, by Brian King (Amiga Report issue  1.23 of 1993-09-03)

"Matériel : M1230 XA"
A review in "Obligement" magazine, by Nelson Barata (of 1995-02)

Hints and bits: Random occurrences of the M1230XA on the net

A post from Mr. Jerry M. Robinson from 1997-03-24, claiming to be the designer and coder of the the M(BX)1230XA:!

Timothy De Groote (Hyperion Entertainment) seems to have, or have had, an M1230XA ("Microbotix 1230")

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