AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Hardware: Building the TerribleFire TF530 rev. 2 accelerator board

Here's a back catalogue of our articles about building the TerribleFire TF530 rev. 2 accelerator board, including lists of videos and links.

Disclaimer: This is not an instruction. Use at your own risk. No responsibility taken for whatever you do. Safety first. Kids, dont try this at home.


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Obtaining the components

Part 3: Parts inspection, and soldering

Part 4: Diagnosis and software
[ stay tuned! ]

Part 5:
[ tbd ]

YouTube videos referenced in the articles:

TFV#45 - Building Your Own 68030 Amiga 500 Accelerator - SMD Components

Stephen Leary's YouTube channel "TerribleFire":

Weblinks referenced in the articles:

Stephen Leary's TF530 github project page:

"Terrible Fire Accelerators" thread on EAB / "English Amiga Board":

TerribleFire accelerator boards documentation:

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