AMIGA alive

AMIGA alive

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

phase 5 just dropped the next bomb: AmigaONE-1200 II expansion board

On April 2nd, phase 5 commented on a few PCB design pictures they had released to their facebook-followers the day before:

"The AmigaONE 1200 II Board is a powerful Amiga 1200 expansion Board with PCI, AGP, SD-RAM, Ultra-DMA IDE, USB, G3/G4 PPC CPU Slot and ATX Power supply, meant to work only with a Blizzard PPC 2 product attached together with the Amiga 1200 expansion bus connector for appropriate tower conversions. This product provides the opportunity to use the Amiga 1200 Computer as a professional high end Workstation." (April 2, 1:17am)

...and they explicitly stated that this is NOT an April's fool joke.

Exciting times for Amigans!

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